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Spring Renewal

Review and Renew!

Do you ever realize that things which worked for you six months or a year ago do not necessarily work as well for you now? The same is often true for our home or office environments. It is very normal to go through your drawers or closets and realize that the way you arranged things a year ago is now “old” and really not as functional as you would like.

This is a natural process of reviewing and renewing the environment around us. Spring is a perfect and natural time of year to conduct this review and make changes. Just as the land has been “waking up” from the quiet of winter, so too are our bodies and minds feeling this innate sense of re-awakening and perhaps restlessness. Put this energy to good use!

Start by pulling out your spring and summer wardrobes to review what needs to be thrown out or given away. Create SPACE in your closets for your clothes to hang freely and spaciously by getting rid of what no longer serves you.

Next, get that shredder ready to purge old papers and documents that you no longer need. Throw out old articles, printouts, and the like. Whew! That feels good. Take a general overview of how your space has been working for youin recent months. Do you feel cramped or unhappy with a certain area of your home or office? Take some time to ponder what you really want for that space and come up with a plan to take action. Sometimes it just takes a bit of attention to something in order to generate great ideas. Take some time to write them down and establish an action plan.

Enjoy your spring renewal!





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