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Some of the ways Harmonized Designs can help you….

Paper Management Clutter Control Moving
Storage Facilities Collections Computer Files
Insurance Paperwork Mail Management Home Office
Kids/Teen Rooms Basements And

Garage / Tag Sales

Energetic Space Clearing Space Blessing Rituals Special Needs
Ongoing Support and Assistance And More…

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Paper Management

Manage your mail, files, desk system, and piles of paper. Sometimes our paper literally takes over our space! Learn how to manage it so it does not encroach upon your sanity.


Clutter Control

Organizing takes care of your clutter, and creates a place for everything that is important to you. Get rid of the clutter that gets in your way and distracts you. Learn to maintain a clutter-free space.



Harmonized Designs assists with all stages of the moving process. Keep your sanity during your move and enjoy an orderly system for packing. Harmonized Designs can also help organize and set up your new home.


Storage facilities

Get the most out of your storage facility. Use your space to its fullest potential.



Let’s organize all of your collectables in ways that catalog and systematize them. Organize pictures, cd’s, your child’s artwork, and all other collections and memorabilia.


Organizing Computer Files

Always forgetting where you saved that document or web site? Wondering where that folder of files is? Are there tons of strange icons on your desktop? Let’s organize files in your computer to make them organized and easy to find. No more wasted time in endless searching!


Managing Insurance and Health Care Paperwork

These can be exasperating for anyone. Let’s work together to get it in order so you can easily keep it that way.


Manage Mail

Harmonized Designs helps you to create a system for handling all of your mail -- from bills, medical forms, and financial statements, to subscription newsletters and magazines. Learn how to prevent junk mail from being sent to your home.


Home Office

Make the most of the space dedicated to your work space, desk, and home office. Get organized for more efficiency and productivity. Build up your capacity for maximizing work space without compromising too much of your living space.


Kids/Teen Rooms

These don’t have to be a disaster area! Clothes, toys, computers, school work, sports equipment, books….they all can have a place! I can help make it fun.



Let’s organize these two most neglected parts of the home. Make them manageable, accessible and functional.


Garage / Tag Sales

All of the details and stress that come with holding that sale can take all the fun out of it -- especially when your time is already constrained. Let me take care of the details!


Energetic Space Clearing

The ancients knew the importance of energy clearing rituals, and now these rituals are being rediscovered. Energetic space clearing is popular for new homes and homes that are frequently rented to others. It can also benefit your space after a major life change such as the end of a relationship or a crisis which has brought transformation. Energy clearing can also be combined with a Space Blessing Ritual.


Space Blessing Rituals

Space blessing rituals celebrate new homes as well as turning points in your life.

A space blessing ritual celebrates your new home in a way that is meaningful to you and your personal beliefs / traditions. Space blessings bring an element of purposeful celebration for your new home. Harmonized Designs creates rituals that reflect your own ideas and intentions, for a ritual that is both meaningful and personal.

Purposeful ritual honors who you are now and what you intend for the future. It brings clarity and harmony for what you want to bring into your life at this time.


Special Populations

As well as general organizing, Harmonized Designs also has special experience in working with new mom's, seniors and the chronically disorganized.


Ongoing Support and Assistance

Assistance, support, and encouragement in maintaining an organized lifestyle and adjusting to the new, organized, YOU!!


And More…

Harmonized Designs can help you organize in a myriad of ways...so if you are not sure if we are right for your needs or project…just send an E-MAIL and ask!



Gift Certificates

Perfect for gift baskets, raffles, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and any time you want to give a gift that helps make someone’s life a little easier!!!


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