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Welcome to Harmonized Designs! Harmonized Designs is here to help you in a myriad of ways to create harmonious living and working space.

Harmonized Designs organizes homes, home-offices, and small businesses to support your needs and priorities. Harmonized Designs creates functional and efficient environments so you can live and work the way you want to.

The things you need, when you need them, and where you need them...

If you came across this page, chances are you are looking for a change. More ease, more time, more peace of mind. Perhaps as you are finding that your increased responsibilities at home or work are leaving you with less time to stay organized.

Clients of Harmonized Designs are left relieved and rejuvenated. With their clutter gone and space renewed and functional, they breathe lighter, able to face the day from new perspectives.

Seasonal Streams

Ensure the efficiency of your home and office this month, before summber arrices. Create or re-create a system in your home, office or home-office by de-cluttering, streamlining, and refining your information management, supplies, and files. Be on time with bills, save time and money by having what you need when you need it! Find out more in the spring issue of Seasonal Streams.

Gift Certificates

Harmonized Designs also has gift certificates available. Consider giving the gift of organizing for a birthday present or a unique engagement present. Know someone who is moving and want to help? Harmonized Designs helps in organize for a move!

Contact us for more information.

Harmonized Weekends

Bring ease and organization into your life in a flash with a special weekend of organizing and organizational consulting. Feel more at ease by Monday!

Reasons to consider a Harmonized weekend:

  • You want to bring a project to closure to in a short amount of time.
  • You want to organize a collection, your closet, or even a room for a guest or visiting relatives NOW.
  • You have an event coming up that requires you to be more organized ASAP.
  • Your efficiency and productivity has been affected by your lack of organization and you are loosing money because of it.
  • You just want your home-office organized by Monday!

The Harmonized Weekend is one that will treat you to an intense and highly productive organizing experience at a special rate. Contact Harmonized Designs and get it done now!

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